Asian rubber sector looks forward to yearly gains after 2014

Originally posted on Rubber Journal Asia, December 12, 2014.

Asia is a dominant region in terms of global rubber output and consumption.  The bloc accounted for about half of the global rubber consumption and close to half of the global output in 2012, according to an earlier report by Ceresana, a Germany-based industrial market research company.

This year, however, various issues involving prices, supply, and demand have put several roadblocks for the region’s rubber industry.

The plunging rubber prices amid the supply glut and staggered economy of China stirred the sector to scrutinize its options, among others, the International Rubber Consortium (IRCo) cartel, comprising the top three natural rubber producers: Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. The tripartite had previously schemed to shore up prices by reducing production and also curbing rubber exports. However, the plan failed to serve its purpose when rubber producers and traders opted to sell off their stocks to sustain their enterprise. Likewise, rubber prices only managed to notch up by merely 1.5% in November, in the wake of the IRCo effort. With the latest rubber price woe faced by the sector, the IRCo has announced that it is refraining from making any moves until it is necessary to do so. Continue reading

Southeast Asia – The Fourth Largest Synthetic Latex Polymers Market Globally, Finds Kline

On a global scale, Southeast Asia represents the fourth largest market for synthetic latex polymers, accounting for 8% of the global consumption, according to the recently published Synthetic Latex Polymers: Southeast Asia Market Analysis and Opportunities report by global consulting and research firm Kline & Company. Although it is significantly smaller than the leading global markets, such as the United States, Europe, and China, it is still much larger than the developing markets of the Middle East, Brazil, and India. All markets are scheduled to be closely analyzed in our recently launched new program – Synthetic Latex Polymers: Global Business Analysis and Opportunities. Within Southeast Asia, countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia account for 82% of synthetic latex polymers consumption in the region. Acrylonitrile-butadiene (AB nitrile) is the leading product type, accounting for 44.6% of the total consumption in the region by volume, followed by styrene acrylics. Continue reading

At-home Beauty Devices Market Takes Flight in Europe in 2014

At-home Beauty Devices Market Takes Flight in Europe in 2014Our soon-to-be-published report on the at-home beauty devices market revealed some interesting trends that we have not seen since we’ve started covering this market four years ago. This year, it is expected that Europe’s growth for the at-home beauty devices market will outpace the United States, approaching to a 25% increase. This is an impressive number as other related markets, such as professional skin care, achieve an approximately 7% growth. What’s driving this growth? Continue reading

Regional Rubber Process Oil Markets Set for Global Integration, Forecasts Kline

Global rubber consumption, which has increased at a CAGR of over 2% in the last two years, is expected to accelerate in the next 5 to 10 years due to rising demand for tire and other rubber goods driving rubber process oil (RPO) demand. The global RPO market in 2013 is estimated close to 3 million tons according to the recently published Global Rubber Process Oils: Market Analysis and Opportunities by global consulting and research firm Kline & Company.

“While the differences between regions in terms of growth rates and product consumption will persist in the future,” comments Kunal Mahajan, Energy/Petroleum Practice Project Manager, “with more countries adopting regulations for environmental RPOs and tire labeling, most markets are expected to converge into a global one in terms of types of products used. Additionally, growing tire demand and tire production facilities migrating to emerging economies, mainly in Asia, will result in RPO demand increasing more rapidly in emerging countries than developed countries.” Continue reading

Industrial Vegetation Management Market of Pesticides and Fertilizers Proves “Slow and Steady Wins the Race,” Comments Kline Expert

The weeds are growing! Close to $1 billion was spent around the globe on industrial vegetation management (IVM) applications in 2013. That is the exciting news emerging from the recently completed Global Industrial Vegetation Management of Pesticides and Fertilizers: Market Analysis and Opportunities study from globally recognized consulting and market research firm Kline & Company.

The IVM market is about controlling weeds. When weeds grow, they impede such activities as moving electricity across power lines, keeping grazing lands available to fatten cattle, keeping highways and railroad lines safe for passenger and freight traffic, replanting harvested forest land, and maintaining inland water bodies so they are clean, safe, and available for recreation. Continue reading

Digital Sales and the Professional Skin Care Market: A Double-edged Sword

Digital Sales and the Professional Skin Care Market: A Double-edged SwordAs we move further away from the recession that resulted in sweeping changes in consumers’ spending habits, the professional skin care industry shows signs of recovery with an estimated 5% increase in overall sales in 2014. Dispensing physicians continue to be the primary source of growth for the industry. The channel is expected to post another strong year of growth this year as companies and consumers spend more on marketing and products, respectively.

Spas are recovering, as more and more consumers return to these venues to spend on skin care treatments and their favorite products. Spa sales are also showing healthy gains, and the number of day spas has increased by up to 15%, as several of the small, independent outlets that had gone out of business return or are replaced by new entrants. Continue reading

Home Fragrance Goes Digital on Cyber Monday

Home Fragrance Goes Digital on Cyber MondayAs the traditional post-Thanksgiving shopping rush commences on Black Friday, the new tradition for many savvy shoppers is to rush to their laptops, tablets, or smartphone and shop away today, on Cyber Monday. Many consumers will have most likely received special shopping invitations in advance with a “save the date” to get online savings for their favorite candle, diffuser or home fragrance gift. This is good news for the home fragrance market, where e-commerce sales delivered a 26% increase last year, the most impressive growth for a mature market like this. Continue reading


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